Our Plans

Economic plans. Without permanence. Tailored.


50 / month

From 1 to 5 properties
Phone support


125 / month

From 6 to 20 properties
Phone support


200 / month

From 21 to 50 properties
Phone support


300 / month

More than 50 properties
Phone support

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change plans?

Of course. At any time you want, either to a higher or lower Plan.

How much will WOWpms cost me?

We have really inexpensive rates, which will depend on the Plan you choose, according to the number of Properties you wish to manage.

What are your commissions?

To make things easier, we charge based on your income. This represents a minimum amount per night of stay of each managed booking.

Is there mandatory permanence?

Absolutely. None of our Plans implies permanence.

Try WOWpms

If you have doubts about which Plan suits you, try WOWpms for X months without compromise, for only €