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About WOWpms

Details of our Property Management System

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A web application that integrates, in a friendly, fast and powerful environment, the necessary tools for the management of hotels, holiday apartments, rural houses, etc.

  • Booking Management (check-in, check-out, traveler registration …)
  • Channel management (rates, availability, offers …)
  • Economic management (guest billing)
  • Communication with guests
La solución es la unidad de gestión en WOWpms.
La Propiedad es la unidad de gestión dentro de la Solución
La Reserva es la Unidad de Negocio de una Propiedad

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Visit our knowledge base to learn everything about WOWpms.


What makes WOWpms the best Property Management System


An intuitive and friendly application, which requires very little learning. But, in any case, we always have the online knowledge base.


With the user in mind, we have developed WOWpms in the native language, with no intermediate frameworks that speed development, but delay execution.


WOWpms simplifies the management of the hotel, holiday apartments or rural houses… Operations such as billing to guests and the Traveler Registration in one click.


Una módica cuota mensual, según el Plan contratado, y una comisión fija por noche de estancia. Vea nuestros Planes y tarifas.

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